Information for Parents

Good News Club flyers and permission slips make the program sound like harmless fun. But these Clubs are actually quite controversial. In schools where they’ve appeared, parents have reported problems like the following.

  • Misleading Flyers and Permission Slips: The Club’s printed materials don’t say that the Club aims to convert children to fundamentalist Christianity.
  • Confused Children: Because Clubs usually meet directly after school, children often assume that Club teachers are real schoolteachers and that schools endorse the Club’s teachings.
  • Damaging Doctrines: The Club’s conversion techniques of shame, guilt, fear and submission to authority can harm vulnerable children. One psychologist has said that Club doctrines are “incompatible with mental health.”
  • Predatory Proselytizing and Religious Bullying: Children can be enticed or pressured to join this Club at school, even if parents disagree with its teachings. The Club doesn’t prioritize parents’ wishes.
  • Undermined Authority: The Club teaches children to obey its authority over their parents’ and teachers’ authority. For example, Club curriculum calls someone who teaches evolution a “fool” and a “servant of Satan.”

To protect your child’s safety at school, learn more about the Good News Club.