Shame & Fear: How the Good News Club Plans to Convert Your Child

The Good News Club uses effective psychological manipulation techniques to convert preschool and elementary school children—shaming and frightening them, then offering conditional love and affirmation if they accept the Club’s beliefs and authority.

Do you want to submit your child to this conversion process?


Shame Conditioning

A critical first step is teaching children that they’re bad. As Good News Club officials admit, if children don’t believe they’re bad, they won’t need a savior.

“Teaching children that they’re sinners is essential because it’s the reason why God’s love is such good news.” — Good News Club official

The Club’s dominant theme is sin. Children as young as four and five are taught in very personal terms that they have black hearts and were born wicked. They learn that they’re responsible for Jesus’ death. Many psychologists believe these teachings can create feelings of shame, guilt, doubt, and a negative self-image in young children.

“First you need to agree with God that you are a sinner and are separated from Him because of your sin.”
Paul: God’s Servant, page 44

“[Y]our heart is very sinful….You may think you’re pretty good, but when God sees your heart He sees it is full of sin.”
Beginnings, page 28

“The Lord Jesus suffered terrible beatings, then He was cruelly nailed to a wooden cross, where He bled and died…As Jesus hung on the cross, God punished Him for your sin and your deceitful heart.”
Patriarchs, page 35

Fear Conditioning

It’s easy to convince young children who believe they’re bad that they should be punished. For the Good News Club, it’s the fear of this punishment creates the need to for a savior.

Good News Club lessons are filled with threats of punishment. Young children are told repeatedly that because of their sinful nature they “deserve to be separated from God forever in a terrible place of darkness and suffering.” Speaking about this fear, one former Good News Club student (now middle aged) said: “Such deep and confusing fear is not easily forgotten.”

“The punishment for even one sin is separation from God forever in Hell. You deserve God’s punishment….”
Life of Christ 1, page 35

“Because you have sinned, you don’t deserve to go to Heaven. Instead you deserve to go to Hell and be separated from God forever.”
Elisha, page 10


After children are shamed and frightened, the final step in the conversion process is to offer them a way out. They’re told that the only way to escape the terrible punishment they deserve is to believe what the Good News Club tells them to believe and to do what the Good News Club tells them to do.

In psychology, this technique is called Conditional Acceptance. Love and acceptance are offered to children on one condition–that they conform to the Good News Club’s fundamentalist beliefs. Otherwise they will go to Hell.

Opportunities for children to convert are built into each class. Non-believers are isolated and pressured to meet with teachers for one-on-one evangelizing. It’s hard for young children to resist these threats and the pressure to please their teachers and become part of the group.

Do you want to subject your child to this process? Do you want to risk your child’s emotional health and your parental authority? Wouldn’t you rather be the one to teach your child about religion and morality, focusing on love and acceptance instead of sin and punishment?wordlessbookbookmarks1