Resources for Learning About the Good News Club

Informational flyers for parents (PDFs)

Guidebooks for school administrators (PDFs)

Advice about religious flyers and literature in public schools

“Religious Take Home Fliers”

Advice about religious and freethought clubs in public schools

“Religious and Freethought Clubs in Public School”

An excellent book by an award-winning journalist

The Good News Club: The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault on America’s Children



U.S. groups protecting children from the Good News Club

Articles by Katherine Stewart, author of The Good News Club

Articles by Valerie Tarico, psychologist/writer

Article by a former Good News Club member

I Was Traumatized by Christian Dogma: I Won’t Do the Same to My Child

Article about citizens who challenged a local Good News Club

Good News Club Discovers It’s Harder to Intimidate Adults than Children

A must-see Good News Club marketing plan

“Steps to Successfully Advertising Good News Clubs Regardless of the Restrictions”


Katherine Stewart interview on “The Friendly Atheist”

Legal analysis and commentary